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    • How does the FPS value of the games appear on the phone?

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      PC Users may have made it a habit to look at FPS in games, but unfortunately it is not possible for every game to see FPS on the phone.

      There are many FPS vision applications in the Play Store, but all of them are actually not in-game FPS, your screen shows the beat rate, not the game.

      There is only one way to see FPS in games, it is called FPS display in the game settings, you have to activate it, if there is no option in the settings, unfortunately it is not possible to see the FPS value in mobile games 😞

      If the games seem to be lagging in mobile games, turn off the battery saver mode in the game settings. In some games, it is also referred to as FPS restriction, you can get 60 FPS when you turn it off.