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    • How to Block Ads in Mobile Games?

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      We can say that advertisements in mobile games are now out of control. After the game part is over, there is an advertisement war under the advertisement game while the advertisement game continues.

      You are trying to block ads or something by turning off the internet. But you can block all ads on the phone without turning off the internet:

      Here is the miraculous program that saves you from all the ads on the phone:

      Major Features of Blokada:

      1- Blocks ads in apps and on the internet.
      2- It provides family control.
      3- You can block access to any site.
      4- Thanks to DNS Support, your internet will be faster and safer.
      5- You can hide the rope and location.

      To download the application, go to Blokada's Official Site: https://blokada.org/