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    • Is it Safe to Login to Sites with Facebook?


      As you know, there are alternative entries on the sites; Login with Facebook, login with Google, login with Twitter, login with Steam, this list goes on and on. So, do these logins cause our accounts to be stolen, let's find out the answer.

      In short, these logins are very secure. The only point you should pay attention to is that the site that redirects you when you click on these entries is not a fake facebook site, it is enough to look at the link section to understand it.

      For example, facebook.com should be written in the link section of the page that the site redirects to.

      Faceeboook.com: It's fake and dangerous because facebook has 2 o and 1 e, this one has 3 o and 2 e, you have to be careful with them.

      So, what information can these sites see if you are logged in with Facebook?

      • your profile picture

      • your e-mail address

      • your date of birth

      What information does not appear when logging in with Facebook:

      • Your password

      • Your IP Address

      Brief Summary: The site can never see your password in APK Logins. When you integrate Facebook or Google logins into the site, Facebook already gives that code and permission. On Facebook, you never want to share your password with other sites, you can become a member of the sites with Facebook or Google login with peace of mind.