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    • How to fix fifa stuttering problem and high fps problem

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      If the game is stuttering even though you get high fps in fifa this has 2 solutions

      1st solution: Lock to FPS 30 but will Be like Lock FPS 60


      Even if you lock the fps to 60, if you are getting 100+ fps, lock it to 30 from the fps fifa settings.

      It may sound silly, but try and fix it to 30 fps, and then the fps will be stable at 60.

      2nd solution: Fix the screen refresh rate to 60.

      If you have a monitor with a high refresh rate (144 hz. etc.), set the screen refresh rate to 60 and lock the Fps to sixty in the fifa settings.

      How To change the screen refresh rate:

      1- Right click on desktop


      2- Advanced Display Settings --> Display adapter properties for display


      3- You choose 60Hz and click ok