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    • TV Series and Movie Watching Program for Phone (+18 Add-ons)

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      What Does Stremio Do?

      Thanks to the Stremio platform, you can watch thousands of TV series and movies (with tr subtitles) with options such as 1080p-720p… on 6-7 alternatives with add-ons. In short, we can call it a popcorn-like program.

      By adding the TV series you follow to your library, it sends you a notification when new episodes are released, and thanks to your library, you can continue watching the movies and series you started and then forgot to watch from where you left off.

      You can use it on Android and iPhone devices:

      For this, go to the site and download it from Other Downloads for Android or iOS.

      Small note: if you add stremio plugins—>community plugins (porn) plugin, you can watch +18 content