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    • How to Block Touch Screen From Baby Watching YouTube

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      You can add child lock to Youtube videos if the video goes down when their fingers touch various parts of the screen after opening a video for children, or if they call you when other videos are opened.

      Here's what you need to do:

      Step 1: Download Touch Locked from Play Store from here.

      Step 2: After the program is installed, AUTO and give the necessary permissions.


      Step 3: Click on Touch Lock from notifications after opening the video.


      Step 4: Phone is locked will appear on the screen. Click the app icon twice to exit the video.


      IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not forget the pattern you created when you install the program, otherwise you will not be able to exit the video. If you forget, you will have to restart the phone to exit the video.


      If you do not give permission to run in the background, you cannot use the program as AUTO.