• If you dont find your horse in skyrim se. You can easily call it with the following mod.

    so how to install call horse mod?

    Step 1- Firstly Download main files this mod:


    Notice: You can automatic setup with mod manager or You can directly put the file in the skyrim mods folder.

    Call Horse Mods Hotkeys and Guide

    Important note: Summon your horse with the summoning spell after you have done all the tasks from the horseman.

    You can follow the horseman's quests for detail.

    1- To activate the mod, you must first have a horse. Once you own a horse, you must get on and off your horse once. After downloading, the one-time mission of the mod will start. After completing the quest (you can skip the quest if you wish) you will have access to all the features of the horse.

    2- After completing the task, you can make settings from the horse dialog and start the second training of your horse. In this training, unlike the previous one, you gain experience points as you ride the horse. After a while after the points accumulate, your horse reaches a new level and you can improve its characteristics. Apart from these, you can start the challenge missions by hunting a fox on a horse.

    3- In order to give horses to your followers, you must tell them to buy horses from the dialogue menu.